Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face"
--bruce springsteen

so i got my hair cut.

sometimes it looks like this:

(photo courtesy of katherine)

but usually it looks more like this (please don't ask about the face i'm pulling. i don't know where it came from either):

reactions have been cool. a few favs:

grant: "(disgusted gasp) OHMYYOUGOTBANGS. they look........new."
debbie: "oh my gosh! oh my gosh! oh my gosh!"
jake: "sorry, but all i see is summer." (aka: 70's retro haircut)
students: "you look like that girl off the disney channel." (perrrrrfect. just what i was going for.)
andrew: "you cut your hair. how do you feel about them." (them as in the bangs that are apparently extreme.)

the best has been that the most common reaction is that people don't recognize me. i mean, in eighth grade i started wearing makeup, in ninth grade i stopped wearing glasses, my freshman year i gained 78 pounds (just kidding world), but none of those produced the, "whoa, i didn't recognize you" effect. it's kind of cool to be a part of.

apparently THEY are just that drastic?
and just exactly how drastic of a haircut must you get for people to not recognize you, that is the question.

all of this has made me think:

wouldn't it be cool to get a soul-cut? to become such a different person, such a better person, that when people saw you they didn't recognize you?

so here i go
*snip snip*
off to cut my soul.


  1. Cutting your soul sounds dangerous. Don't do it! Live life! It's worth it! hahah! Actually, I think the perfect word to describe your new hair is: sassy!

  2. hahaha. you a beautiful you know that? soul cutting... beautiful :)

  3. The soul cutting reminds me of horcruxes from Harry Potter--but your soul cutting sounds good and beautiful and awesome. That's all pretty different.

    Your bangs look great!

  4. i am just stalking people on hallie's blog because her last post said to! so there! but seriously when i saw you later at hallie's par-tay, i kept thinking how amazing those are on you. and not just because you have me to thank. :) jk, i just quieted your fears and helped you take the plunge.

  5. But I like your soul! That picture is the sickest and most awesome!

  6. hahaha katherine...nice capture..i laughed hard at this...awesome.