Tuesday, March 30, 2010

every day is a mid-life crisis, every day is kumran

"living deliberately means that you don't waste your life living for the moments that don't matter, but instead, you find out what moments are worth living for, and then you live your life for those moments."
(--k.m., 11th grader)

we've been studying thoreau and ralph waldo.

yesterday i took the kiddies down to a pond and we sat and listened to the oversoul and our innersouls point, sing, and make faces at us.

i've got them examining things

like their hearts.

and now i'm reexamining.


or photojournalism?
or travel?
or languages?
or curating?

i told my friend jake about my big plans for my future.

he said, "sometimes, i wish i could fly.
but i can't.
it's impossible.

maybe your dreams are impossible."

well, as it turns out, my little heart is a transcendental one, not a realist.
and so i dream.
and i imagine.
and i build castles in the air, for that is where they should be.
i pretend all day in my head

and borrow light,
trusting that there is always more day to dawn,
that my imaginations are but intimations of future journeys,

and that the sun is but a morning star.


  1. i flew when i read this.

    there was no one there to see me and back me up,
    but it doesn't matter.

    i flew.

  2. life is long. make sure you keep it by it's throat.