Friday, April 9, 2010

life lately: ten very good things

lately, my life has consisted of:

1) stockpiling chocolate in my bedroom

2) distributing items of clothing in neat little piles across the floor

3) painting birds in cages

4) enhancing balancing capabilities

5) jelly bellies

6) zen! and the art of psycho-analytical analysis of exhaust pipes, imaginary people, and tappets (whatever the heck those are)

7) frozen blueberries, warmed up for thirty seconds

8) fish that can fly, hyenas that get revenge, and bats that can eat four pounds of mango in one night (aka: LIFE, the new discovery channel series)

9) househunting...and scheming about how i can either kill or marry off one of the girls living in the white house with the green and red trim before the fall...because i want to move in.

10) wanting to be a lilikoi boy


  1. first: you're not a bird in a cage unless you want to be
    Second: Slack-lining without me!? = Jealous Rage
    Third: What is a lilikoi boy? I couldn't understand any of the lyrics but it sounded cool!

  2. I just bought the Jonsi album. So perfect. One of my favorites. Ever.