Wednesday, March 3, 2010


it's quarter after twelve. i've been laying in bed for half an hour now.

i get out and make peanut butter toast in the dark and smear enough peanut butter on it so as to totally defeat the purpose of having brushed and flossed my teeth. something i noticed: making toast in the dark is nice for two reasons. ONE. the wires heat up and make the whole thing g l o w. TWO. even if you burn your toast (which i always do), you can't tell just how badly it's burned! and after the inch of peanut butter, you can't taste the difference either.

big drink of water.

cross your fingers for dreams of disneyland and the first star you see maybe not really being a star.


  1. Is that last line supposed to be quoted from a Jimmy Eat World song? Because it's oddly very similar!

  2. daniel, you must be from arizona. :)