Thursday, December 27, 2012

the long sigh

*please note that I am wearing the same shirt as I was on this other thesis day. sick.

In an unexpected and blessed turn of events, beside a warmbright fireplace and a twinkling Christmas tree, in a house and in a town buried in feet of falling snow, this little lady may have just finished her thesis. "Finished" meaning she has (finally) made a draft that just may pass muster. "Finished" meaning she has (finally) made a draft that she is kinda proud of. "Finished" meaning that so-help-me if I have to rewrite this thing again, I am throwing in the towel and moving to France, with or without my degree. This sort of torture has a way of killing part of your happy little soul.

And so tonight, I shall sleep the sleep of angels,
and tomorrow, to the city, for some lights and dinner and easy breathing.


  1. WOOO HOOO! congratulations!!! you're amazing! I'll bet it's fantastic!!

  2. You're awesome. THE END IS IN SIGHT :)