Tuesday, December 4, 2012

old man Carolyn

I've been sleeping like a grandpa lately. Goin to bed at decent hours (pre 1am) and sleepin like I'm hibernating. Which I suppose is fitting considering I live in a cave.

Other news here?

I am using every chance I get to use the word onus. Try it out. There are bazillions of opportunities every day. And every time you use it, a little Bon Iver will run through your mind. Sigh.

I broke down and bought myself curry this morning. Just because it will carry me through finals (seriously, the place I go gives you SO MUCH), and let's be real: I need to be carried.

I met a man who is into short hair on girls. This is akin to seeing a unicorn.

But alas, I've decided not to cut mine (hair that is) for a while... I figure the next couple years will be easier without bangs and without shortness. You can't braid short hair. You also can't put it in a ponytail. Or a bun. Or a braid bun ponytail. So there you have it. Long hair it is. For now.

Heard a girl pronounce regular "reg-uh-ler." Loved it so much.

I'm listening to loads of French accordion music. It is making my every action smack of romance and intrigue and sparkly walks along the Seine with a crepe in one hand and his hand in the other.

Lots of prepping for the last of a five year streak of Christmas hors d'oevres parties. Fitting that, after so many years of dressing up and being classy together at places, we're finally co-hosting a party.

Been typewriter-loving quite a bit recently as well. Which makes me feel like I'm Ernest Hemingway. Which makes me feel awesome.

Made multiple trips to Smith's for ice cream. The latest and greatest is Mint Moose Tracks: ribbons of thick chocolate through mint ice cream with mint chocolate cups. Incroyable.

Been reading my Book of Mormon in French to myself. My pronunciation is getting better and better and better and faster and faster and faster. If any of you would like a private reading, I do those. Eleven p.m. nightly, in my bedroom, pajahmas required.

I have come to believe in miracles.

And also, I wore my blue paisley blazer today--the one I bought at the street-tent market in Rome, the one I haven't yet worn. It's making everything about my life turn paisley.

Which is always a good thing.

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