Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{dating} how do I get you alone?!

Hearing this song makes me want to _____________.
A. Eat some tacos
B. Learn about hedgehogs
C. Go for a walk through the moonlit evening with a handsome man or beautiful woman and make jokes and laugh and then tell about our dreams and then stare magically into each other's eyes for a fleeting second and get butterflies.
D. Climb a ladder

If you answered A, B, or D, you are wrong.  If you answered C, you are right and you win a million points.  (Yes, this measure of right and wrong is totally subjective, but this is my blog so what I say goes.  And what I say is that C is the only correct answer.)

Here's the thing I've noticed: one-on-one time is a hard thing to come by these days, at least in the life of me.  Why this is I'm not sure.  I think it's partly because I avoid being one-on-one with people I don't want to be one-on-one with, and those who I do want to be one-on-one with are too busy avoiding me to be one-on-one with.  Following?

It seems like all anyone wants to do these days is be in large groups.  I feel stupid quite often for wanting to be alone with people.  I think, "What kind of a person wants to pull someone away from a group to talk alone with them?!"  And then I think, "Oh yeah, normal people."

Here's what I'm talking about: breaking away from the crowd of partyers for a little porch sit.  Not for the whole party, obviously, but just for a little while maybe. A little moment to connect, to tell secrets or share confidences. All my best friendships are strong because of such moments--because there are some things you share with only each other. There are some things that only you understand about each other.

Translation when someone pulls you aside to talk to you/sneaks out to be on the porch by you?: "Out of all these people, you are interesting and important enough to me that I want my own face-time with you."

And I'd say that's a pretty good feeling.

title for this post comes from this incredible song

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