Sunday, June 3, 2012

through the woods we ran,
deep into the mountain sound

a Day of Ages

Last saturday I lived a thousand ages in one day.
We packed up the old truck and drove ourselves into the heart of the woods.
I say a thousand ages because when you're with people who have the same heart as you, the same outlook and desires and feelings, you feel like an old soul and a good soul.  And in those thousand ages we did all sorts of stuff (all of which was interspersed with Lord of the Rings quotes and random outbursts of song.  Unbeknownst to us before this weekend, we all share the same affinity for Lord of the Rings and for singing.):
  • ate gourmet quesadillas, cobbler, waffles, etc.
  • fished on the lake at 5:45-sunrise
  • walked the road back, past a dead deer and a beaver dam and a crawdad cemetery
  • hiked through forest woods and quaking aspens
  • slacklined (I fell off, and nearly lived out my greatest fear: having your right leg slip left and your left leg slip right.)
  • told scary stories around a wood stove while eating dutch oven
  • lots of moments of people jumping out of the woods to scare us (ray and stephen, nathan and stephen...stephen and stephen...)
  • the truth game, in which we all became best friends forever.
  • invented the best game in the world, called "Orcs in the Woods" (this is the more P.C. title)
  • decided if ever I have a band, we'll be called The Cabin Fevers
  • played lots of nerts and phase 10, in which nathan proved himself after we more or less sabotaged him with an entire round of "skip"s.
Best of all, we woke up to snow and hot cocoa in the morning.


  1. I wish that I could re-live this moment in its entirety. Since I cannot, I must content myself with the trailings of something beautiful.

  2. i had forgotten what link i had clicked on and saw those first pictures and was like "these are so beautiful and perfect! what am i looking at?!" and then i realized where i was, like "of course! who else would be so akin(folk) to my heart." love this and you. happy birthday!

  3. I love reading your blog. Reminds me of a different lifetime or something. Miss you lots.

  4. Jealous. My Nathan has yet to visit Strawberry.