Tuesday, June 19, 2012

bus-riding like a boss

My favorite part of working in the big city is it means I get to ride the bus. This is a “favorite” for four reasons:

1.) Amazing feats of gentlemanliness happen daily.  The men in line always let me go first.  One morning, a gentleman in a suit said, “The front of the line is always reserved for women” and smiled while nodding me towards the front.  This morning, there weren’t enough seats for everyone, and an older man had to stand in the aisle for the long busride.  About halfway through, a man in the back of the bus got up and gave the older gentleman his seat.  Feats of gentlemanliness, I tell you.

2.) These precious forty-five minutes are deemed “free air space.”  This means I can do whatever the heck I want to (read books, edit photos, journal-write, daydream) without feeling one ounce guilty.

3.) The seats lean back to just the right angle for sleeping.

4.) Funny things happen.  Like yesterday when a teenage boy sat next to me and hadn’t yet learned the seats-lean-back-at-just-the-right-angle trick, and hence was nodding (literally) in and out of sleep the entire bus ride.  Which meant that every 1.5 minutes, his head would land on my shoulder.  Super awkward and super hilarious.  But the truth is...he probably just wanted to sleep on my shoulder because, let's face it, I have dang hot shoulders.


  1. Wonderful! People who haven't had a good solid public transportation phase of life are seriously missing out! Love it! (plus you don't feel guilty for destroying the planet like when you drive!)

  2. this makes me happy. it reminds me of bus-riding to work before my mission. you forgot to mention the added benefit of the awesome people you see and sometimes meet on the bus. I met satan on the bus back from work once. yes, a man started talking to me and introduced himself as "Satan. You know, Lucifer? Son of the Morning?" I said I was happy to make his acquaintance (I had to be polite), and he then told me about his day in a very friendly way. We shook hands and he got off a couple stops later. I'm still not entirely sure what to make of that exchange.

    1. Sam, that is an awesome story. It needs to be told at a storytelling festival or something.

  3. The hot shoulders run in the family.

    I miss the bus.