Saturday, November 12, 2011

a gentleman's game

let me just say i wasn't expecting it either.

i mean, sure.  i hide around corners to jump out at my roommates and shoot them with my finger-guns (pew!pew!).  yes, once i army-crawled up an entire flight of stairs just to get a clear shot at courtney before she turned around.  and true, i do have an uncanny familiarity with the flight plans in star wars (the original 3) and the attack tactics (say that one out loud) in mission impossible, lord of the rings, and home alone.  

so maybe that explains it.

("it" being that in a vicious game of laser tag this monday, i had 46 kills (16 of them being my brother), got 45,849 points, and placed second--second only to a legitimate policeman.  you know.  no big.)

ya'll better run.

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