Monday, September 19, 2011

WORD (the invention edition)

in case you were wondering, today is the "all random thoughts make it onto blog!" day.  my friend averill informed me today that all people who audition for the lindy hop team at byu make it.  today's blog posts are kinda like that.

so annnnyways, i just told courtney (my tonight-library-buddy) that i am going to judge her from afar as i read her creative nonfiction essay.

great genre title, by the way.  "let's try to make the genre a little more palatable by adding "creative," because seriously guys, NO ONE wants to read 'nonfiction'."

and also palatable is the word i am currently fixated with--think about it daily and such.  delightful really.  
i mean, what. a. lovely.  it can describe so many things.

holy cow i AM all over the place.

so i'm telling courtney how i'm going to be judging her from afar whilst i read her palatable creative nonfiction essay.  to which she replies, "yeahbut i'm sitting two feet away from you.  that isn't really afar."

and then we invent the word aclose.

aclose:  (adverb)  at, from, or to a short distance.

use it in a convo tomorrow and i shall award you three "likes" on facebook.


  1. how many likes do I get if I teach it to my 8th graders as their vocabulary word?

  2. whoa i am unprepared for this kind of question! i would say two likes per person. especially if they're children, because children are our future, and they shall carry the "aclose" torch down through the generations. :)