Friday, March 11, 2011

on campus

i love byu. i journeyed to the cougareat for lunch, and here's a little sampling of the terrain of this adventure:

a lineup to a booth selling frybread and chili,
twenty freshmen having a dance party in the middle of brigham square,
ten boys huddled around the entrance to the wilk, singing some acappella version of a hymn,
guitar boys singing songs in the terrace to get people to come to guitars unplugged,
a flash mob in the cougareat. they sang something maori. all boys.
a man sitting at a table with a sign: "looking for a wife"

and amidst all of this, i found my friend, mr. nathan, and we did the crossword.

what is it with the warm weather and people suddenly having fun with life?

love it.
looooooooooove it.