Sunday, March 20, 2011


  • wouldn't all of our lives be so much easier if silverware could go in the microwave?
  • remember when the best part of making cookies was eating the brown sugar that had spilled out over the measuring cup?
  • does anyone really like being told they're wrong? i mean, come on.
  • wasn't it funny how we used to compliment each other on who had the best handwriting? anyone? anyone?
  • why do i have such a hard time throwing away shoeboxes?
  • when will jimmer-mania die?
(not that i want it to, i'm just curious.)
  • speaking of dying, is it possible to die from eating too much chocolate in one sitting?
  • so what if maybe sometimes i crush on people because they have cool names?
  • what is seatbelt fabric made of? i mean, if you think about it, it is pretty amazing stuff: strong enough to keep an object at breakneck speeds from going through the window, yet not so strong that not going through the window is as bad as going through the window. follow me?
  • and are there seatbelt fabric engineers?
  • how do some people read multiple books in one week?
(i think they are lying.)
  • how does polaroid film work?
  • what happens to all my journals post-apocalypse?
  • how do i get a job driving an ice cream truck?
  • does anyone else like the idea of opera, but not really opera actually?
  • what if i move to iceland?
  • is the voice who says, "first floor...going up" on the jfsb elevators coming from a real person?
  • can i please be that person?


  1. seatbelt fabric engineers? Oh yes. They are made out of a type of sturdy polyester( a synthetic fiber).

    Gosh, I sound like a geek.

  2. Literally, I was wondering the same thing about seat belt fabric just today!! I am doing a research presentation about seat belt use, and I am so glad that I'm not the only one curious about that fact.