Saturday, February 13, 2010

a little math for the most romantic day of the year.

so tomorrow is the day of looovve. begs the time old question:

is there only one "right" person for each of us?

well, i say no. i think you can be happier with some people than with others, but the idea that there is only one person out there for me is a little scary:

A) because this is a big world. what, you're just going to happen to run into each other one day and know? as if.
and B) because it makes me feel like this:

insta-math: 65298 seconds=18.14 hours. yeah right.

so marcilyn and i did the math. assuming there are many people we could be happy with, what are the chances, in this little town of byu-provo, of finding a happy-to-be-near-you Other. a-hem: approximately 30,000 people at byu. half of which are girls, which brings us down to 15,000. we're guessing a little shy of half of those are married--8,000 left.

we estimate that we'd be at least somewhat attracted to 10% of those: 800*. those that are actually older than us? probably only 200. and then from those, how many have girlfriends? valentine's is tomorrow, so we'll be optimistic: let's say 30% have girlfriends. which leaves us with 140 gentlemen. that's it. 140 potential best-friend|lovers.
*those of you who judge us harshly for only saying we'd like 10% of the eligible men, please consider the factors going into it: personality, physical attractiveness, intelligence, future goals, odd/repulsive habits, kindness amount, overall demeanor, height, ability to commit, WoW addictions, etc.

one hundred and forty. i swear, getting married is the biggest miracle in the world.

to all those of you who I lovelovelove:


(and good luck out there)


  1. we did the math once too and it the numbers were similar to yours, so i guess i'm just writing to say, happy st. valentine's day and good luck finding your needle.

  2. Very cute Carolyn :) Love is ruff, but we can do it!

  3. i've done that math before too. glad to know i'm not the only one.