Monday, February 22, 2010


two people in the last week have questioned my sense of humor. most of the accusations stem from the fact that i have never seen anchorman, billy madison, or hot rod. so i started thinking and here's what i remember: about four years ago my music taste took this mad left turn. dashboard and yellowcard and weezer became sufjan and bon iver and jack's mannequin. contemplative stuff. what the?

i attribute a lot of that to joshua james.

i don't know what happened! i got serious about life. all of a sudden i look for "MEANING" in everything. it wears me out. i am thinking zero deep thoughts, have zero meaningful conversations, and writing about stupid things like sweaters and surfing and the pacific coast highway for the next year. peace!


  1. Heaven help me if Anchor Man is the measure of a good sense of humor.

  2. You have an educated sense of humor, carolyn... that's all. We should be questioning other people's sense of humor, not our own... or just not caring either way.