Friday, January 1, 2010

a photo-exhibition through my day!

how come the only thing i want to do anymore is eat christmas peanut m&ms? this is a little known fact about me, but i am an expert on peanut m&ms. i have begun a catalogue system of the many oh-so-intricate differences in flavor of peanut m&ms. eating them is a constant adventure.


today was one of those days where you have to force yourself to do things all day long.

case in point: jogging. my warm morning body said, "NO." but i went anyways, thinking that it would give me more motivation during the rest of the day. not the case. this is me. minus the man. and the beach. and the beanie. and the smile. okay, this is nothing like me.

case in point: cleaning my bedroom. before and after shots, because who doesn't love those.


and now i am thoroughly creeped out that i have posted all these pictures on my blog.

case in point: eating pineapple rice and watching iron chef. practically had to force myself through this one. (lying)

happy new year world! we're off to a clean and health-conscious (or at least pretending to be) start!

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