Tuesday, January 5, 2010

life of a teacher (aka me)

today in second period, a girl passed out. i was walking her out of the classroom to the nurse's and she fell on me.

today in third period, six kids in the back of the classroom burst into "I Want it That Way", chorus, high parts and all. that's right all you class of 2004 that thought WE were the only ones who listened to backstreet's back all through mrs. call & mr. cornell & harm & dempsey & so on. OH NO. high schoolers are still diggin the tunes. (because let's face it: who doesn't want it that way?*)

today in fourth period, a boy knocked the socks off the whole class with a baller video he made on his fav bballer. at the end, we all went, "Awww!" and my faith in fourth period is restored.

yesterday was a hard-on-the-inside day. lots of rainclouds in my head and in my heart. but my students smiled at me and said "carter, you're the best" and laughed at all my silly jokes and came in just to chat at lunch and to tell me they like my 'style'. yesterday, my students saved me.

and that's what makes teaching the best job in the world.

*every morning for about a month now I've woken up with a song in my head...not one i listened to the night before or dreamt about or anything like that--no, just some random song that i haven't heard of, thought about, or even know the title to. and the best part is, every morning it's a different song. my brain is a jukebox. tomorrow perhaps it will be I Want it That Way.

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