Saturday, January 23, 2010

my first basketball game

it went like this.

five girls in pink shirts, stretching on the sidelines, giggling about how funny it is that none of us have ever played basketball before. "hehe, we're so brave, hehe."

enter the other team. all of whom were over seven feet, and were wearing intramural champion shirts from previous years. i'm pretty sure darth vader's imperial march was playing in the background and everything slowed way down as they walked in.

one of them had horns.

and then, because i cannot say it better than our own favorite coach did, here are ray's words:

He Ping Pings Return...

So...a couple nights ago, I was asked to be a coach again. I was a soccer coach this last semester for a group of my friends (girls) who have never played sports before. Needless to say, basketball is a bit more technical than soccer.

Originally, I was told that I couldn't coach their team because I don't know enough about basketball. My response: "I played in Junior Jazz and watch the Jazz all the time. AND, my brothers are really good!" (should be credentials enough). Well, Katherine finally begged me to come and coach them mainly because:

1. I am nice and only yell encouraging things.
2. I am ok with embarrassment.
3. I just love it so much.

So, we stumbled onto the basketball court (Nicolina wore a skirt). As we were waiting, our much-anticipated opponents showed up. They were hard to miss. They looked much like this:

Well, you can imagine the panic that ensued. I suggested that we all run away as quickly as possible. Everyone was in agreement...except Liz. "We are not running away. I have never forfeited before." Oh great. So, to the death it was.

I started to pump myself up and cheer the girls up. We could handle this. Then their coach showed up. Yup, Noah Hartsock, the BYU basketball player. Even I looked stupid now.

Well, here are the highlights of the game:

1. Carolyn wanting so desperately to foul someone and not knowing how. At one point, she was waving her arms frantically in front of the girl she was guarding and barely touching her. She then asked the girl, "Can I even do this?" The girl just laughed. Paige and I were dying on the sidelines. Carolyn just smiles, shrugs, and runs down the court.

2. Katherine SCREAMING at the top of her lungs every time they stole the ball from her.

3. Alisha had her jersey on backwards.

4. Suzie telling the other team to be nice before the game even started.

And at half time, we had 3 points. I proceeded to tell the girls that we were going to set goals that were specific, measurable, and achievable. Our goal: 10 points by the end of the game.

End result: We lost 89-12.

And we totally exceeded our goal!

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  1. HAAAAAhahahahaha this rocks my world. Way to be Ray and Carolyn.