Monday, December 7, 2009

"what a joy for a boy to behold!"

i think we'd all agree there is something magic about the first snowfall of the year (besides the fact that karen carpenter sings about it). the reasons for the magic are different for all of us. for me it's a combination of the christmas lights at my grandma's house that i'd stare at out the bedroom window, upsidedown, until sleeping. it's the book "white snow bright snow"

and my mom reading it to nate and i when we'd run in from sledding, our noses red and drippdrippdripp, our hands and toes in pots of water she'd heated for us. maybe in the mix, there's also s p r i n k l i n g of memories of the anticipation of falling in love right before the holidays. for whatever reason your heart surges with laughter when you wake up to a white sky and a white world, here's wishing you and yours all the magic of the season.


  1. I said to myself, "That is such a good post!"

  2. I thought to myself, "gee I really love this post as well as the writer."