Saturday, December 26, 2009

going, going, gray.

i found my first white hair today. three inches long, a little piece of skin still clinging to the root where i yanked it from my head.

i wanted YOU to be there, mr. knightley-aragorn-joebradleyblack, so I could scream, "HONEY!" and you'd come running in, thinking i needed saving from curling-iron-electrocution or a spider with seven legs. we'd stand there, side by side, in front of the mirror, staring at it mocking me from the tile countertop, in all its white resplendent self-importance. and after a moment of contemplating our aging bodies and growing up & growing old, you'd grab my arms, turn me to you, tell me i'm just as beautiful as ever.

then we'd go have dinner because i cooked it for you, so grateful that that was one rite of passage i didn't have to make alone.

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