Saturday, November 28, 2009

why thank you!

best parts of thanksgiving:
beating rosie at her own best-gingerbread-house competition
cinnamon-roasted almonds
having a bedroom and a warm house, all decorated for the holidays
late night discussions with sibs about the effects of too much in-front-of-screen time
subsequent resolves to abolish screentime for the month of december (woot!)
doing laundry in machines that actually work
getting completely caught up on grading
christmas present shopping (i'm almost done! boys are the hardest to shop for. whyohwhy.)
sleepovers with cousins
raymon's interpretive dances ('dance of the tenderlilies' is a real show-stopper)
'the nutcracker' duets on the piano
lots of journal&thinking time
setting up the tree
deciding my life plan for the next two years (hats off to tiffany who is my personal shrink)
realizing all the pieces that still have to be put together for the next two years to pan out
two rolls of good ole black and white, shot through the telephoto (photos forthcoming)
one great find at d.i.
writing one new song...the ballad i've had locked up for many moons. still in the polishing stages
and speaking of polishing, i meant to do that to my car this weekend, as it's been a good six months since i had that done. but alas, no time.

cheers to all those i love.

(*and for those of you who love me and who are concerned about the previous post, it's just a quote. my heart is not really pink, nor is it bleeding. but man those words are. i like them. so do not worry.)