Sunday, November 15, 2009

list #5

while not doing the usual run-of-the-windmill things this weekend, here is what i accomplished instead:

1) christmas-morning-worthy squeals of delight upon waking up to a sky full of snowflakes!

2) finding that two of my students plagiarized their scary story assignments. i'm talking ctrl+c, ctrl+v direct from the internet. revenge will be sweet.

3) bought my first shirt from banana republic. or from 'BANANA', for those of you in "the know." and the best part was, with the 30% off discount, i paid less for it than i would pay for a shirt pretty much anywhere else. yes.
-------->a) sidenote: the name banana republic. that is a reference to....?
-------->b) wait wait don't tell me: i'll look it up faster than you can: wikipedia:

Banana republic is a pejorative term for a country that is politically unstable, dependent on limited agriculture (e.g. bananas), and ruled by a small, self-elected, wealthy, and corrupt clique.[1]

-------->c) wow. some veiled meanings in the name of the place. small, self-elected, and wealthy? and what does the gap mean? and old navy? what's with that? if you didn't know what was being sold there, you'd think it was some kind of army/tackle store.

4) speaking of which, i had a friend offer to buy a 6"x6" cardboard tackle box off me for $50. that's right. i think by the end of the conversation, if i remember right, he had also thrown in a fishing pole, another $25, and his SOUL. (i make that large and white because his soul is large and white. i believe.) i declined. but sent him a link to ebay where he can buy a brand-new one for $7.95.

5) watched part of america's next top model. semi-shameful. sorry world.

6) made a new 'friend' who apparently also thinks that max is the greatest thing to happen to the world since we found out exactly where the wild things are.

7) learned that the phrase "junk change" (blingbling!) that i've been using all my life is actually wrong. it's "chump change." lame. junk change makes so much more sense.

8) was crowned indian leg-wrestling champion, of both female and male divisions. hold on just a second, i think i may have a picture of me with my sparkly jacket and belt. ah yes:

9) hosted a truly lovely First Snowfall of the Year party with friends. we drank hot chocolate through grasshoppers and shared our favorite parts of books. (my favorite part is the spine.)

10) finished 'the curious incident of the dog in the night-time'. difficult for my brain to read, but brought light to a certain aspect of my career in the form of a tidal wave. bffffrewww! (that's the sound a tidal wave makes. especially if it's a tidal wave of knowledge. water tidal waves sound more like: bffffrowww!)

11) ate cafe rio which is an adventure in and of itself.

12) ingested a large wad of christmas music.

13) wedged myself in the couch for one of the coziest naps i ever did take. well-rested. well-fed. time for more hot-chocolate-filled-grasshoppers. (chirp chirp)

(a more accurate depiction can be found here, with one minor adjustment: replace timtams with keebler grasshoppers (or other mint cookie of your choice). this may or may not change your life, so prepare yourself.):


  1. have you ever had it with a tim tam? I'm skeptical that grasshoppers could be quite as good... :)

  2. no way, tim tams = not as good. trust me on this one. the tim tam chocolate is less tasty/odd consistency, where as the grasshoppers are just magik. that's right--with a k. that means extra.

  3. i'm totally doing a tim tam slam tomorrow. maybe for FHE. My own personal fhe! Love you see you bye.

  4. Oh man, I totally always thought it was "chunk change." I was closer than you, I guess.