Thursday, February 26, 2009

new words.good words.true words

-dallas clayton

I am not yours to run over.
I am not yours to make cry.
I am yours to be kind to.
To share with.
To feed candies inside
when the right seasons come.

I am not built for the other mess.
None of us are where I live.
It is not how we thrive
that name calling and poking at.

Those are for someone else
on some other day
that might have already happened
and you are still holding on to
in your sweatshirt pocket.

Those balled-up yelling type thoughts
need not be hurled upon me
upon us
in hopes of stirring up some reaction
where someone’s possessions get stacked in the yard.

I am not built for that reaction.
We are not built for that reaction.
We are built to give to you
beauty and help
to take from you
sadness and uncertainty
to leave you well
and ready.

And to protect you
from the others
when time to time
they act like you’re
just now
when you said what you said
and didn’t mean it.

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  1. oh how i love this. and you! :) isn't he great?