Saturday, February 21, 2009

best thing of this week

and tonight i almost died.

that's right.

the kind of died where you are in the middle of the intersection and the light is green but not for you and cars are coming everywhichway and horns are honking and your brief life flashes before your widewide eyes.

we were on our way back from d.i. and he asked me some question and must have been either really enthralled in my answer or just unaware of the speed with which he was losing his yelo light. either way, there we found ourselves. smack.dab. in the middle of the intersection. reds both ways, then green one way--the wrong way--and us just holding on for dear life!

lucky we made it. lucky, because there were gushers and animal crackers and blanket forts awaiting our arrival, safe and sound, at home.

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