Thursday, January 22, 2009

rules for kissing

i may or may not have been thinking of the subject as of late. here's my three cents.
1. kisses should happen because you have reached a point in your relationship where you cannot express yourself beyond what has already been expressed.

2. kisses should happen not as a way to get in, but as a way to get up. not as a quick solution or hasty attempt to hold something together, but instead as a filler-- as water rushes through the veins of a plant, filling, strengthening, enlivening. like sunshine poured into your soul, filling in all the little holes and making the whole thing glow.

3. kisses should happen because you know her so well--all the quirks and faces and interests and hopes and modes of expression--and can't help but want to make her yours. not as a catalyst for determining whether or not you like someone. not as a means to make a relationship black and white, to say, "here it is; if you want it, it's available." be more than just available. anything less does not deserve the "witchcraft in your lips".

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