Tuesday, January 20, 2009

and that's the most exciting part of my day.

first, i'm on my way to dinner group right? i come down the stairs and open the front door and standing there is SOME WOMAN! WHAT IN THE WORLD?!! so i screamed! then she screamed! and we stood there screaming at each other for a few seconds.

then, i get to dinner group and mr. moon asks what the most exciting thing that happened to me today was. before i realized what was coming out of my mouth, i blurted that it was paige bringing a calendar home from school for me. pitiful? yes. oh, but wait: IT IS TITLED "READING WOMEN". ie: paintings of women reading. don't know which is more pitiful--that a calendar of women reading reminded paige of me, or that i was overjoyed upon receiving it. either way, it all adds up to me being way way too interested in books and such. soon i will be unknitting myself (SEE BELOW). like rivers cuomo. if you want to destroy my sweater....WHOAWHOAWHOA!

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