Tuesday, September 4, 2012

get on the roof

16 Reasons to Get Yourself on the Roof(top Concert Series) this Friday:
  1. It's outside. On top of a parking garage. In the summer. #epic
  2. It's F R E E .
  3. There will most likely be white lanterns strung all over the place.
  4. Black Sheep Cafe's sweet potato fries.
  5. India Palace's curry stand.
  6. New Electric Sound is playing. (Need proof for their coolness? Watch here:
  7. Oh yeah, and Fictionist will be there too (!).
  8. It's easy to get to the front of the stage if you want.
  9. It's easy to get far away from the stage if you want.
  10. You can sit or stand.
  11. Sammy's shakes are a mere stone's throw away.
  12. Chances are you'll run into at least five people that you know and like.
  13. Always great trend spotting here--pompadours, stars and stripes denim pants, suspenders, teal windbreakers...you name it, Rooftop Concerts has it.
  14. FlyProvo sponsors the Concert Series. Here's why this counts as a reason to go to the concert: If you haven't flown out of Provo yet, it's pretty much all-caps COOL. Super-convenient, super-close, they give you a warm cookie on the flight, annnnnd you get to walk out on the tarmac like you're in a 1940's film. (If you're missing my logic here, if FlyProvo=COOL and FlyProvo=Rooftop Concerts, then Rooftop Concerts=COOL.)
  15. 3BYoga also sponsors it. Anything these people do turns to gold, so you know these concerts have to be good.
  16. I'm going to be there, so duh it's a good idea.
In other words,
Provo Rooftop Concert Series.
7.30 on September 7.
Seriously, though.

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