Tuesday, February 21, 2012

look how much better an emoticon smiley looks in garamond


:)    :)    :)


happy february, world!  i'm in very deep with things like such as:
the song "a place only you can go" by needtobreathe
bountiful baskets

sorry that blogging isn't on that list.  i know this blog is the sole source of joy for most people in my little town....nay, the world, soooo..........

(now watch, tomorrow i'll suddenly have no followers.  sigh.  the fickle world of blogging.)

in the words of my sister,
peace, love, justin beiber.

addendum: only after publishing this did i learn that the garamond parentheses used in the "compose" box actually SWITCHES to a lame verdana one when published.  hence an emoticon smiley equivalent in mediocrity to the times new roman one we see everyday.  sigh.  the unpredictable and sometimes disappointing world of blogspot.  (now watch, tomorrow i'll suddenly have no blog.)

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