Wednesday, September 22, 2010

so long, sweet summer

as today is the first day of fall, whilst the mountains turn orange, so here is my last ra-ra for a summer i stumbled upon, one that now gracefully falls away. a few of my favorite parts: (humor my nostalgia)

the very long drive...

the monuments at night

the metro station at pentagon city

the miles of spiderwebs on the rails across the bridge from the jefferson...which i discovered only after running my hand across them for quite some time.

camping out for fireworks on the fourth over the national mall

old town alexandria--in the evenings for dinner, for firework shows, for just about anything, one of the best places to be.

kim and chris, my twin shakespearean field-trip friends

dinner with the lovely brea and jackie-who-i-miss-more-than-life-itself in chinatown...i mean chinablock.

any sweet potato fries i could get my hands on (not to mention the burgers at 'the burger joint')

lunch with cori and kay...noticing a pattern here? food is clearly very important to me.

arlington. how the blocks are mini and the houses are patriotic and the trees are big and the fireflies abundant. arlington, i love everything about you.

wendy's plaid glasses, impeccable taste in music and constant ability to make every situation more fun

finding my twin

ball games

and most of all, the bicycle rides with all my beautiful/charming/quirky/intelligent/provocative/elusive/indefatigable/hopeful/hilarious friends, big groups and small

it's cold where we're going--i hope that our hearts are always warm.

(thanks to dashboard for such lovely lyrics.)

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