Thursday, July 22, 2010

the grand old seat of precious freedom and democracy

adventures lately:

antique & boutique shopping in old town alexandria

breakfast at eastern market with kim and chris, my shakespeare friends

(as i was walking around eastern market, guess who i spotted! "husband", walking kingsley! i did one of those, "oh hi!" as if you're running into an old friend, and then realized where i knew him from and that he would have no idea who i was....awkward. p.s. taza and husband, i think you two are darling.)

library of congress
(sidenote: when i first walked into this building i started giggling i was so happy! the world's largest library! the building is breathtaking.)

the capitol building

(heather gave us a behind-the-scenes VIP tour: these pictures were taken behind the "no admittance" lines--you are getting priveleged looks at the inner workings of the capitol building!)

(the washington monument from the capitol building)

girls' night at ted's montana grill.
(after shopping the outlet malls, this lovely table of lovely ladies ordered plates and plates of chili cheese fries and downed them all. and then went to the parking lot to jump around.)

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  1. you are stunning, carolyn. Glad to see happy updates from the summer '10 adventure files.