Wednesday, June 3, 2009

concrete on top of concrete

TOUR GUIDE: "a few things about new york: don't look anyone in the eye. just keep staring straight forward like you know where you're going. and don't look up at the buildings and smile. people will know you're a tourist and mug you."

"give me big skies or give me death!" cries my Eaglecountry heart. stores upon stores, people upon people, smoke and hot dogs and more smoke and horns and big signs and more people.

despite getting locked in a cell...

...there were several redeeming graces:
1) we had to run home in the rain and got SOAKED, head to toe.

2) i saw tiffany's. i chose some earrings and asked the price. over $ahundredthou$. AWE-freakin-SOME.

3) larger-than-life-size LEGOS! gleam-in-my-eyes, this one's for you.

4) every candy imaginable! even Lego-shaped ones! (please notice my hands. ???)

5) nighttime on times square + dinner at an italian restaurant for my 23rd. they sang me happy birthday and brought out a mountain of strawberry shortcake.


  1. ummm...hello!!! Those are Harry Potter life-size lego giants! HEAVEN! You are missed. Come home. Bye.

  2. hey. you are dang cute. that is all.