Friday, April 24, 2009

a picture says a thousand words and all that

and here i am, another blog post brought to you past one in the morning.  something about this all is so cathartic, so before-bed-necessary.

here are some pictures until i get some words.  (these pictures=a small afternoon reminiscence of my BYU experience)

FRESHMAN YEAR: "WOW these bookshelves MOVE!!  Like in Harry Potter!"
SOPHOMORE YEAR: hamburgers + french fries + fry sauce + everyday = magic.  I think most people have certain favorite food spots in their hometowns--places they go to again and again.  this is ours.  scoreboard grill.
JUNIOR YEAR, SENIOR YEAR, SUPER SENIOR YEAR: And thus I fell in love with Shakespeare.  And thus my favorite place to study became the fifth floor, because I knew he was nearby.
THIS WEEKEND (aka: GRADUATION): "We did it!"  (please click on this picture to view a larger version.  please notice our faces.  classic brooke and carolyn.  maybe not so much has changed since our days in heritage halls.)
with all the love in my heart, i graduate, in hopes of putting my heart to better use as i step out into this crazycrazy world.

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