Sunday, April 19, 2009

ground beef, thumbs-up, and other delights

it all started with an old man doing yoga in the middle of the park.
then we tried 18 times to leave--you know those nightmares where you just can't quite get out the door?  that was monday afternoon--and finally on the nineteenth try we were successful.
then with pineapple in a round container with a square lid that did not fit and lots of halos and rubies to go around, we drove....and drove and drove and drove until five hours and seventeen skinwalker jokes later, we found a canyon, one million stars, zero hot dogs, and a midweek escape from real life.

1. waking up to a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! banner.  BAM. 
2. melissa bear-slapping spencer.
3. grossing rosie out while hiking.
4. attempting to drive man off a cliff with a fourwheeler.
5. this face:
what's that, you say?  you'd like a close up of the cow?  alright...

6. certain people stealing my fries and getting rebuked by a fry-protective father.
7. falling asleep like 14-yr olds.

1.  stupid green lines and rubber hammers all morning long.
2. laughing while wrestling sprinklerlines with minds of their own.
3. camille schooling michael at spit.
4. sumo-wrestlings.
5. letting loose, to put it nicely.
6. Oreos=I marry Josh + I wear a D.I. shirt for a day.  Oh wait, I meant a week.
7. 7:15 oh what?

1.  Thursday already?  you mean it is the weekend again?  kaching.

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