Monday, November 18, 2013


Cool things that happened:

We got off the bus and went to meet up with a lady, but we were early, so we went back to talk to the lady at the bus stop. The conversation went like this:

"Hi, we're missionaries for Jesus Christ--"

"Jesus Christ! I love Jesus Christ! Okay! Tell me!"

(we start smiling because she's just so enthusiastic and happy to hear who we are.)

"Well, would you like to learn more about our Church?"

"Yes! Do you baptize in your church?"


"Okay, I really want to get baptized. I am READY. I know I need to be baptized to live with Jesus Christ again, and I want to live with Him. Can I please be baptized?"

(                       )

"Yes! Will you prepare yourself to be baptized?"

"Yes! How long will it take for me to be ready?"

"A month and a half, two months or so, probably."

"Oh good, another church told me I have to wait two and a half years. That is too long."

My companion and I walked away giggling. She was so full of light and happiness.

Another night, we invited our ami over to a member's house to have dinner and a lesson. During the lesson, she says, "I just feel really strange now--during our lessons and when I read the Book of Mormon, I just...want to cry, it's so beautiful! I feel really warm inside!" Then after the lesson, we took a little tour of the house, and in one of the rooms, there was a painting of the second coming of Christ, the one with all the angels around him. And our ami asked about it. We explained, "That's a painting of when Christ comes again to the earth." Ou ami said, "Is it really going to happen like that?"  And we told her yes, and she literally almost fell over laughing for joy and grabbed my arm and said, "Oh, Soeur Carter! C'est trop beau! That makes me want to cry!" and then she got big tears of joy in her eyes. She is wonderful.

Third, I love this scripture and what it teaches us about the character of our Heavenly Father:

Lift up your hearts and be glad, for I am in your midst, and am your advocate with the Father; and it is his good will to give you the kingdom.   (D&C 29:5)

I just want you all to know I love this Gospel. It helps us be happy. It helps us live our lives in a way that produces joy and peace.

Here are some pictures too:
1.) Went to a park that had carousels! Oh man I was in heaven.
2.) Then there's some chocolate too. Most beautiful chocolate I've ever seen.
3.) Then one day we were taking the trash out and the bag ripped open and down the stairs went a lot of gross stuff. Bleh. But funny. We laughed a lot.

PS: Sexy Sax Man is playing in the internet cafe where I am. I cannot escape this song.

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