Monday, October 28, 2013

Still in Lyon

It's the start of a new transfer! I'm still in Lyon (yeah!) and they gave us another ward to work with, so now we are at church all day on Sundays, and get to keep teaching all the cool people that we find that didn't live in our ward boundaries before. It's wonnnnderrrrful.

Our miracle of the week was when we were on the metro and we said to a lady,"Hi" and she said "Hi, I've spoken with missionaries before. I want to learn more." We have a rendezvous with her tonight.

We also had a baptism this week! He is a friend of a member in our ward who is wonderful. We started teaching him about a month ago. He's been coming to church since April but hasn't let the missionaries teach him. Well for some reason he let me and Soeur Bicchierri teach him one afternoon, after a baptism that he'd serendipitously showed up for. And we prayed together that lesson on our knees and he cried for how strong he felt the Spirit and the love of the Lord. And then from there we taught him all the time. At first he said, "Yeah, I know the Church is true. I've already read the Book of Mormon and there's no other way to get back to God except for baptism. There's no other way. I'll get baptized because there's no other way. But not for two or three years." Heh heh heh. The cool thing was that we decided then and there to just teach with love and hope that the Spirit would push him to be courageous enough to be baptized early. Because he's already living all the commandments and he's already incredible and it's time. Well one thing led to another and this Friday he was baptized! He's wonderful wonderful.

There are some chapters in Job I'd like to recommend everyone reads: Job 38 until Job 40:10. Look for how the Lord chastises Job, and then how immediately after Job realizes his nothingness, the Lord says essentially, "Okay, now let's go do this thing! You're majestic and glorious and holy! Onward!" I think that's one of the beautiful things about repentance: it is a clean slate and it takes only as long as it takes for us to say, "I will change." and mean it.

I love you all!

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