Monday, September 30, 2013

Come listen, there's a prophet.

At 8:50 one night this week, me and Sister Hutchins were on exchanges and we contacted someone coming out of the metro. He said he believes in God, so we started talking and told him all about prophets and so on. We prayed with him then and there. And then he said, "Just this morning, I prayed that God would send me someone to show me the path I should take in my life. Then I meet you!" NOT A COINCIDENCE, MISTER. :)

People, General Conference is this weekend. The prophet and apostles are going to talk to us and teach about the Savior. I am so excited, because every time, I hear really specific counsel that speaks right to my heart and right to my needs, and I'm gonna do what I can before then to prepare to receive such great light.

Go here to watch it online: LDS General Conference!

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