Monday, June 3, 2013

Les Jolies Francaises

We're speakin a lot of French and making friends and eatin good things and reading the scriptures a lot...

This week we went to Bordeaux twice, celebrated two birthdays, had a crazy long busride with kids runnin up and down the aisles, a long conversation about vultures, and a mission leader saying really funny things over the loudspeaker.
A bientôt!


  1. My sister served in Bordeaux a long time ago. Brings back memories of when we'd get letters and pictures and what not from her. I don't know if I actually knew what a mission was back then, but I think I thought it was mostly a cool vacation type living abroad type thing. And then I went on a mission: nope; not a vacation or a living abroad type thing-but really just an awesome opportunity to see the beauty of the plan of happiness and to spread not just the good word of the gospel, but perhaps even more importantly the good word of love. Keep on lovin' em Carolyn; they and you are beautiful people.