Monday, May 20, 2013

Luminous Beings

My dad sent me a quote from Yoda a few weeks ago: "Luminous beings we are, not this crude matter."

I think about that all the time.
Everywhere we go we are trying to radiate light and goodness and delightfulness. On our way into a grocery store last week, there were four women talking in a circle in the parking lot, and as we passed them, one looked over at us, so I waved at her and said bonjour, and she came over and said, "I recognize you! You're down in Bayonne usually?" And I said yes... and she said, "Yes, I have seen you down there. I recognize your face, because you have a purity in your face that is extraordinaire." I then of course asked her if she wanted to know where it came from, and she said no, she's Israelite, or something, but anyways, that was really awesome, and here's why: President Roney told us to pray every day that everyone we talk to and everyone who sees us (but we don't have a chance to talk to) will see the light and love of God in us. And voila. He promised us this would happen if we prayed for that. And it did! He said the requirement though is that when it starts happening, you have to always point the people to God. You can't keep it for yourself. Wise man. So yeah, my companion and I felt really awesome after that, just knowing that people notice us and they see goodness, even people who we never talk to. We're trying to rally more of that power so we can be proselyting even when we're not specifically proselyting.

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  1. Sister Carter, I love reading your writings. Keep up the good work. I'm so excited for you and the people you are teaching. We pray for you often. -Matthew