Monday, April 16, 2012

bravery points

Today I met someone I've been meaning to meet for all year.  He's my campus person--you know, the person that you see everywhere?  No matter if I'm on the fifth floor or the second floor of the library, or in the Wilk eating lunch, or walking past the JFSB, he's there too.  It's a little creepy just how "everywhere" this kid is.  (Granted, then that means it's creepy how I'm everywhere too, so...)

And I'm not exactly sure why I've noticed him in particular, out of all the people I'm sure I see with similar frequency.  He's got good style.  And kinda walks like he's in charge of the world but doesn't really care too much.  And he's always talking to people.  And his hair kinda does that swoosh thing.  I know, creepy details.  But I'm telling you.  I see this person everyday.  Which is more than I see my roommates sometimes.

So I finally went up to him (because I don't think I'll have another chance), and i said, "Hi.  I don't know you, but I see you everywhere, and I always tell myself I should meet you so I can at least say hi.  I'm Carolyn."  His name is Craig.  He's graduating.  I'm graduating.

I bet we could have been friends.

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