Sunday, October 17, 2010

career exploration

i think i'll be a photographer, because i like pushing buttons.

i like writing in fancy letters, so maybe i'll be a calligrapher, and people can hire me to write all their fancy letters,
like in love letters and stuff.

i like buying used books and figuring out how to arrange them on my bookshelves so one day
i might own my own bookstore.
it would have a hot chocolate cafe inside, because i like drinking hot chocolate.

i like sorting and classifying halloween candy into piles, so maybe i'll work at a
candy factory!

i like wandering aimlessly places on saturday mornings,
so maybe someone will pay me someday for noticing things that you only notice if you wander aimlessly
places on saturday mornings.

i like making lists. and especially checking things off the lists i make.
maybe i can work for santa.

i like staying up late when i should be asleep already. maybe i can get a job
making people with insomnia not feel so lonely.

i like eating honey nut cheerios.
maybe someone should come take my picture and it could say, "Hey! I'm
the girl who eats the most honey nut cheerios in the world!"
and they would give me a trophy maybe.

i like folding paper birds.
i think that has no practical purpose.
maybe i could work for the army and if they run out of fake model airplanes to do their simulations with, i could make them
some paper airplanes and they could use those!
or if the zoo's birds ever get sick, i could fold up some big paper birds out of glittery paper
and they would be so pretty that the people wouldn't mind that
the real birds
too sick to come out.

i like laying in my bed late at night listening to coldplay.
i don't think i can turn that into a job
but maybe someday,
a long time from now,
the world will be like, "hey we need an expert on this old band called coldplay...anyone know anything about them?"
and then i will be the
world's first professor on coldplay.

i like eating ice cream. and peanut m&m's. i should look into getting
a job in professional taste-testing.

i like typing on my typewriter. but then again,
that is just another way of pushing buttons. so
maybe i really will be a photographer.


  1. i like this post.
    it makes me laugh.
    and reflect.
    and dream.
    and it also makes me hungry.