Thursday, August 27, 2009

RETURNING! (from sabbatical.)

actually, i don't even know what the word sabbatical means. i just like using it.

recent thoughts:

1) ibuprofen. why do we pronounce it I-B- profen if there's a u in it? is it a silent u? there's no such thing as a silent u! only w's and k's and e's. so then is the u just masquerading as two e's? ibeeprofen? i don't get it. I-B-PROFEN I DON'T GET YOU! (or your u for that matter.)
2) being in love is the best thing in the world.
3) the second best thing in the world is cold mandarin oranges.
4) i think i shall get a large piece of butcher paper on which to splatter my life. ideas of culture club blogs and basement bands and guest speakers dressed as inmates. upon which i shall also splatter my future: grad school attempts, pictures of us, calls for papers and the ones i submit, faraway conferences, gre practice test dates, LOVE, ideas for paintings, poem scratchings, the works.
5) speaking of culture club, prepare yourself world. it's gonna be big.
6) i have been craving something lately and i can't locate it. it might be meat, it might be a really meaty vegetable, it might be nuts, perhaps it's milk. i HAVE been downing the cereal as of late. but maybe that's more of a honey-nut-cheerio addiction, rather than a milk deficiency.
7) you supposedly need 30 minutes of sunshine everyday for your body to fully absorb the vitamins from your food. wt! why am i just finding this out?! how many minutes do i spend in the sun everyday? i have no idea! and that thought really worries me.
8) my best friend in middle school's favorite number was 8 because you could cut it in half any which way and it would still be the same on both sides. interesting concept.
9) at which time i had planned to go to bed. but as it is already 29 minutes past, i suppose i have already failed and i may as well stay up a few minutes longer. perhaps i will go eat some honey nut cheerios. or go on a short sabbatical.

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  1. The ibuprofen thing has always really really bugged me. It is the kind of thing that I lay in my bed late at night thinking about. Please find the answer for me so I can rest at night.