Monday, October 10, 2011

preview: scott & kirsten's wedding

got to go to the most lovely wedding this weekend.
(i mean, look at that dress!  not to mention that the groom is pulling off a fedora like it's no big deal!)
more pictures forthcoming.


  1. i love this dress. it is so anne of avonlea. i want one like this.

  2. Ok Carolyn this is too weird not to comment on. I have a friend named Kersti Spjut (do you know her already?) I have had thoughts in the past that you two should be best friends because it seems like you would be. She is in that picture..holding a sparkler. In the far left, wearing a light colored sweater. Are you already best friends? If not, you should be because you are both lovely and awesome. She is a PHD student at BYU and I think you would have great conversations together. Please report back to me on this sometime...thanks!

  3. I am Kirsten, the girl in the dress, and Kersti was my roommate until recently and I can also say that she is lovely and wonderful. I also really really love this picture. Thanks for taking pictures for us. Can't wait to see the rest.