Saturday, October 8, 2011

on true love

and when i say true love, i of course mean love for things like planning parties and making music videos.

because here's the thing.
i like reading.
i like writing papers.
i like talking about the ideas i find in the reading and in the writing.


i LOVE planning parties.
i LOVE making music videos.
i LOVE my being with my roommates.

i would give up sleeping, eating, and reading to do any of the above activities.
which, i mean, if that isn't love what is it?
(silence, those of you who are saying it is procrastination or laziness.)

proof that i love these things?  i stayed up until 6 a.m. last wednesday night/thursday morning making a 2 minute video.  and i couldn't have been happier/more content/more refusing of going to bed (which is saying something BIG if you know anything about my fierce tenacity to sleeping 8 hours.)  i then woke up at 9am and had one of the best days in a long time.

now, it might be one thing if this were just something i am experiencing on my own.
HOWEVER, i learned in TIME last week that joseph gordon-levitt dropped out of school because he thought, "hmm.  i could be in class learning about the theory behind videos, OR i could be at home MAKING videos."  and thus he began his brilliance.

so, world, forgive me if sometimes i want to give up the learning about living for the actual living itself.  the actual creating. the actual relationship-building, beauty-making, inspirational crap i love love love to procrastinate things like "papers" with.

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