Monday, October 17, 2011

monday maintenance

things i am proud of myself for last week:
  • not blogging for a whole week because i was too consumed in writing PROSPECTUS (all caps because it is both a proper noun and an exclamation).  good job not getting distracted.
  • breaking into my roommate's car when she locked her keys in there.  she had been working on it for an hour+.  i mean, not to brag, but people i am really good at unlocking keys-locked-inside cars.
  • getting out of bed this morning at 5:39 to grade papers.  i have had a nigh pathetic history this semester of getting up in the mornings to work on teaching projects.  not this morning!  this morning i won.
pretty things i made last week:
  • a hat.  we're having a life-size Clue game for our halloween party, and i've been asked to be Miss Peacock.  so obviously i needed a hat.  that's right philip treacy, look out.  (and a picture of mr. green also for good measure.  look at the 'stache!)

goals for the week:
  • spend time in the canyon 'mongst the leaves so bright and orange.
  • WORK HARD.  i emailed the designer of a favorite magazine and asked her advice for someone who wants to live an art-infused life.  she has created so many projects i admire.  she said, "basically i just work really hard."  my first thoughts: how could i be working any harder than i am?  i already have nary a spare second every day!  how am i supposed to add more projects on?  not that i don't want to, it's just that i don't have time...and yet i'm clearly not working as hard as she must be to be as productive as she has been.  and then it hit me:  working hard is different than working long.  my work should be like a can of orange juice concentrate, rather than like three gallons of watered down oj.  usually my work's the watered down variety--i spend all day "working" but consolidated, it'd probably = two.point.five hours of solid, serious work.  so thus, this week, i'm working on the quality of my work time.
and a music video for this monday:

ladies and gentlemen, zach condon.
urgent the way wanderlust is urgent, 
charming the way a double-breasted suitcoat is.
boldhearted & swooning, 
like a 3/4 waltz rhythm that takes you out of the room and into a little boat in the middle of a lulling and late september bay.


  1. I love that picture of you! You're gorgeous, and will make a fabulous Mrs Peacock!

  2. Ohmygoodness, I didn't know the halloween party is going to be CLUE! Fun.