Saturday, October 22, 2011

(gasp!) a murder mystery at manavu estates!

there was a dinner.
there was a murder.

six weapons
nine rooms
and one murderer.

six suspects...


...all impeccably dressed, if i may say so.

we spent the evening giving riddles and getting clues,
guessing at murderers and weapons and rooms,

and when it all came down to it,
i was the murderer after all!  (mrs. peacock!  who'da thought!  with the candlestick of course.)

what a fun night--a chance to get to know new people,
a chance to dress up and play a part so so removed from how we live today
that i can't help but be totally enamored and enchanted
by the fringes 
and the coiffed hair,

the fedoras and suitcoats,


and of course, the special appearance by the newsies (& a pilot from the great war)!

it seems to me that deep down all we really want is a chance to dress up and have a party!

and say jake, what a party it was! 

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