Thursday, June 16, 2011

but paris will always be my hometown

here i q, in pqris; going to cqfes; eqting too nqny crepes zith too ,uch nutellq qnd otherzise enjoying every ,inute of this lovely lovely city:

oh, you couldn't read that, you say?  maybe that's because the keyboards here in the city of lights are all crazy!

what to say in the few minutes left--
paris has truly beautiful nutella crepes.
they melt a part of your soul.

the eiffel tower really is as magical as you think it would be
especially because its flanked on all sides by carousels and ice cream trucks,
which just happen to be two of my favorite things.
(were you built for me, sweet paris?)

and sitting in front of notre dame every evening
in the sweet parisian air
and boys playing guitar and singing in french

ooo la la.  enchante, sweet paris.

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