Tuesday, June 7, 2011

another night, another reason to go to big ben

why is it that lately all i care about is how often i can get myself next to this clock?

want to see something cool i just noticed?  if you look careful amidst the two wraps of my scarf, you can see one little bird.  that is sweet.  sweet in the tender way, not the surfer way.

tonight we told secrets.
i will share mine
because they are mine
to share.

1.  until last summer i did not know how to cartwheel.
2.  i have never been able to rollerblade.  not actually sure if i've ever tried.
3.  aaaaand i've never been skiing.

round two:
4.  i have world-class stalking skillz.  not in the sense that i stalk people on the streets, but in the CIA sense.  give me two facts about a person and i can find them for you.  (welcome to the interconnected world we live in huh.)  but seriously.  once i found a boy on facebook knowing only that he served a mission in thailand.  not even his name.  found it though.  that was kind of awesome.

when ben struck 11
(this was before the secret-
i told
preston & amberly
(but mostly preston because he wouldn't stop
to shhhhh
so we could hear all 11
bangarangs of that big ben.

we stood close
because the wind off the river
was cold
(this was before the secret-
(but after the

and then i imagined myself
thousands of miles away
at utah-home
remembering london
and coming back
coming back to this
perfect moment }
beneath big ben
above the whispering thames
holding the night in my imagination
printing and printing big ben's green lights and spikes
into my mind

and the way the stone is yellow against the navy night

the way it carries me away

so i can feel it then
thousands of miles away
when this clock
i love so much
has become only a wispy


  1. Carolyn, just reading what your write proves to me what an incredible and lovely woman you are! Also, it makes me want to visit London very badly! Thank you for your beautiful words and images.

  2. If I wasn't already aching to go to Europe and England especially (which I am) I feel that ache even more sharply now after reading your words.