Saturday, June 11, 2011

"i feel terrible. i'm going to go back to bed." {europe day 1}

a short list of highlights:
1)  today i am sick.  sick sick sick.  (see faye in that thing you do to get a picture of the kind of sick i am.  speaking of which, thanks for showing the world how to be a classy sick lady, faye!)  so i've gone through one small box of kleenex and 4 dayquils and one hot chocolate mmmmmmmmm.
2)  when we checked into our hostel in cork this afternoon, guess what song was playing.  careless whisper by george michael.  that's right.  this bodes well for our journey, as that song has been following me around everywhere else i go.  nate showed me the sexy sax man video at the end of april (youtube it.  sexy sax man.), then we watched it again and again one night in the flat in london, then we used it as entry music in our skit in class, then the saxophone man ont he bridge played it when we were out by big ben.  and now the hostel.  i'm telling you.  it is a sign from the heavens.
3)  today i wore a bright blue sweatshirt with "FLORIDA" in bright orange letters across the front of it with yellow pants.  i looked like a freakin billboard for the stereotypical american tourist.  i wanted to apologize to people for my outfit.  but then i decided, you know what, i'm SICK.  i'm taking a sick day, world.  thank you.
4)  i found some really comfy tennies at the shoe store yesterday (that makes the third time i went there to find shoes.  embarrassing), and all day it was as if they were whispering sweet nothings to my feet.  i love you lil tennies.
5)  went to blarney castle and kissed the blarney stone, which was awesome but not as awesome as the fairy-enchanted forest behind the castle!  people!  go to blarney!  i not only got the gift of eloquence (via the blarney stone), but it is also the stone of destiny AND i got to make a wishing whilst walking up and down the blarney witch's wishing steps backwards!  (the blarney witch steals wood from the forest every night, and in return, must grant all their visitors their wish when you think about it nonstop while walking up and down the stairs backwards.  it's going to come true in a year.  the nice man in the sweater and cap told me we can count on it!) 
6)  speaking of nice men, the man who lowered us over the edge to kiss the blarney stone whistled irish tunes while sitting perched atop the castle.  delight.
7)  did i already mention the exteremly good hot chocolate that kept my hands and innards warm all the long walk home back to our hostel?  because it was extremely good.
8)  the frames played a concert tonight in the same little city i'm staying!  i found out about it too late, but just knowing we're close is a sweet thought.  if you don't know the frames, look up "falling slowly" by glen hansard.
9)  and best of all, we got through the airlines without any problems.  our bags were deffffinitely oversized, but thanks to some very strategic planning, we were able to keep our frontsides to the security guards the whole time so they couldn't see just how big our packs were.  (which, for the record, i fit everything i need for the next X amount of weeks in a school backpack.  i win!)

pictures later.  maybe.  i have no way of uploading them at present.  but you better believe i'm taking them.

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