Friday, June 3, 2011

birthday wishes

tonight, on this the eve before my 25th, i wish for

rainbows.  obviously.
an orchard
a field of poppies
a carousel
a room of colorful birds
cuddling in blankets and watching lord of the rings and pillsbury cinnamon rolls
someone to let me drive their ice cream truck for a day or two
a bed & breakfast to run for a few years
marcus mumford to fall in love with me
a mustache mug
that wearing fake mustaches could be an acceptable accessory some days

and already, before it's even technically my birthday, three happy things have happened:

1) a package from home covered in stickers that say things like "way to go!" and "super kid!"  thanks for loving me, family.  (no, i haven't opened it yet.)
2) having someone tell me that they like my photo-graphees because "even the pictures without people in them feel like they have people in them."  (thank you, for making my night, sweet friend.)
3) chelsea, liz, camille, andrea, holly, amberly, and cami bursting into the kitchen upon whose counter i was sitting and prancing around the island singing disney's happy birthday to me...  for three minutes.  i haven't laughed that hard in months.

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