Tuesday, January 17, 2012

wanna play?

remember in elementary school when you'd have a saturday and you'd call your friend in the morning and say, "wanna come play at my house?"

it's been a while since i've gotten to see tucker, one of my favorite people and favorite friends.  so he came over to my house and we played.

first we made crepes (ever had a bacon+avocado crepe?  try it--they're amazing.  or blackberries, bulbous and pulverized, purple all over the little pancake) and then we did some art--they're blackout poems inspired by artist tom phillips' "HUMUMENT".  it goes like this: you take a page from an old book, then find a poem in it, then make art with the words you're not using.


  1. Carolyn! Your blog is really cool - I like this idea. Hope everything is well with you! -Tyler Morgan

    1. Thanks Tyler! Yeah, we had a lot of fun with this--old books: so versatile! :) Hope all's well with you too!